Sub-Wavelength Holographic Lithography or "SWHL": New Breakthrough

Lithography is the main tool in IC patterning on silicon wafers. Photolithography, i. e. lithography, based on light imaging, has been driving the semiconductor industry for decades. However, the most commonly used lithography technology — projection photolithography with deep ultraviolet light source (known as "DUVL" or "193 nm ArF") has exhausted its potential to further decrease resolution at reasonable costs.

SWHL overcomes this deadlock in the photolithography development. SWHL, with very simple lithography tool (holographic stepper), and holographic masks that are considerably easier to produce and service (due inter alia to their low sensitivity to defects), has all the potential to become DUVL successful alternative.

SWHL is not the interferential lithography, that first pops up when googling "holographic lithography". Interferential lithography is able to create only periodic images while SWHL is able to produce any image you need.

SWHL is a method to create images by means of a single diffraction optical element, which is a holographic mask (SWHM)