Aerial image optimization does not lead to complication of holographic mask production technology

The holographic mask improvements, equivalent to OPC, Phase-Shift and SMO, are implemented by the mask computing (method of HoloOptimization), as opposed to common projection masks, that require labor-consuming and expensive technological procedures. The technological methods of image quality optimization can be replaced by virtual routines in the process of holographic mask calculating without any changes in mask architecture, which simplifies mask manufacturing and dramatically reduces mask cost.

Numerical methods that we developed are advanced enough to calculate the mask to obtain high-quality sub-wavelength image of 1 cm2 area and larger with moderate computer power.

SWHL with its abilities of non-technological continuous phase-shift is able to generate any kind of images that common projection lithography can and those that projection lithography cannot (with single exposure and at same node). [Phase-shift at sub-wavelength holographic lithography (.pdf)]

1. Target layout
2. Optimized layout
4. Math model of photoresist